Tailor made Services

For a range of services, Klouth Solutions is the reliable partner for you. The no nonsence approach will for sure surprise you.


Based on his long experience in the financial sector and in his various roles as trustee of a pension fund, Chairman of Stecis and Senior Manager with Atradius, Rob has seen a variety of possible situations and issues. Based on this experience, he can advice and support you when faced with on complicated decision taking processes.

2nd Opinion

Klouth-Solutions offers you the possibility to aks for a second opinion on problems and issues you are faced with. Because you involve a third party that is not involved in the previous process with no conflicts of interest and so on, you will get an opinion that can get to a higher level of understanding, enabeling you to take the decisions that are really necessary.

Training / Tutoring

Rob Klouth and his partners, have a broad experience in training and tutoring all over the world. Specialised in Credit Insurance but also in cultural awareness, fraud protection etc. Courses are always tailor made, so the effect on the participants will be optimal.


Because of his background in Management Development, Rob has a strong affinity with coaching. This skill was developed even further because of his co-operation with Harald van Veghel PhD. (Stroomland Coaching). Together they arranged coaching sessions of one week in Scotland. Rob himself offers coaching for managers and senior management who have the wish to develop themselves further on a personal and spiritual level.

Interim management

When you need an interim manager or crisis manager, Rob is available to deal with your problem or issue. Because of his experience in Special Risk Management and his business analysis skills that he teaches during his Buyer Assessment Course to buyer risk underwriters, he knows to tackle the issues and threats of companies.