The Netherlands locks down until the April 2021

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands communicated that the Netherlands will intelligently lock down until at least April 2021. Until then people are advised to stay at home and when meeting other people keep a distance of 1,5 meter. Restaurants and bars are closed. Hairdressers and school can start up again within strict rules. Elections are taking taking place 15th of March, so let’s see whether conspirecy thinkers are voting for their well know populist parties.

Let’s hope  for the best.

People that are able to work at home, use telephone conference, Skype etc. to keep the daily working routine, others read more and watch television (that is dominated by the Corona virus). Stecis has switched over to Webinars using Teams and classroom courses have been planned again in November 2021. Check out the offer – including new Masterclasses: