Stecis is starting up Surety Bonds webinars in 2021

As the lock down in the Netherlands and surrounding countries carries on, and it is completely unknown when the lock down will be lifted, Stecis is now focussing on webinars to share the expert knowledge of Surety Bonds to the financial industry and all interested parties like brokers, lawyers and credit managers. So please check out the Stecis’ website for the new series of Fundamentals of Surety Bonds if you want to know more about Surety Bonds. Our experts will bring you up to speed in 4 hours, so you are aware of the basics of Surety bonds.

On short term we will also offer a Foundation course and a number of more specialised course like a course on underwriting Surety Bonds.

Check out of drop me a mail on when you want to be updated on developments.

Rob Klouth – Chairman of Stecis

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